Kombucha for Beginners

Kombucha is a drink, where bacteria and yeast from the mushroom or scoby (symbiotic Culture of bacetria and yeast) work together with tea, sugar and water and ferments into the final health promoting kombucha drink.
It’s full of probiotic microorganisms, active enzymes, beneficial bacteria, C and B vitamins.
According to researchers it can have a positive effect on stomach ulcers and liver/kidney function.
The drink originally comes from China, but it’s also consumed in eastern europe and Russia, and is used for treatment of a whole host of disorders.

I love it that I can grow my own probiotics at home, It’s really empowering, easy and cheap, and it tastes so good as well!


Kombucha for Beginners

– Scoby medium size (mine was from here)

– 4 teabags

– 1 litre filtered water

– 90-100 grams sugar about 1/2 cup

– 1 tablespoon raw vinegar

Simple Steps:
Wash your glass container in the dishwasher on a high temperature or put it in the oven 150 C for 20 min to sterilize it.

Boil your filtered water and add tea and sugar, seep for around 20 min, remove tea bags and let it cool.

When luke warm add the scoby and vinegar.

Cover the container with a cheesecloth, muslim or thin kitchen towel. Place in warm dark place like an airing cupboard.

Leave it for 5 days, then with a wooden or plastic spoon taste it every fem days until it has the strength you like.

When it’s ready take the culture out together with some of the kombucha and start the next batch.

It’s now ready to drink!

(look out for my post about 2nd fermentation where you add flavourings! Coming soon)


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Healing Benefits: Pine Oil

I’m slightly obsessed with the healing powers of pine trees at the moment, but before I move on to another subject I just need to write about Pine Needle Oil, it’s so amazing!
It’s mainly a skin and lung remedy but it’s also full of germ killing properties and you can boost your intake of vitamin C and A by chewing on the needles or bring a bunch of needles home and make a super nutritious tea!
The pine needle oil is made through steam distillation of the needles, it has a sweet woody aroma, it smells clean and really fresh.
Hippocrates used pine to treat lung conditions and it’s recommended for respiratory problems but it’s also amazing for treating skin problems like psoriasis, itching, eczema and sunburn.
If you feel stressed or out of balance you can put a few drops of the oil in your bath for an energizing and invigorating lift.
Pine oil is really potent and can irritate the skin so use with caution and always dilute it with water or a base oil.
Pine Needle Tea:
Take a handful of very green needles, cut off any brown parts. Wash thoroughly. Chop them up.Simmer for about 20min. Strain and drink. Yum! err, well sort of.

pine needle oil