How not to catch a bug on a flight

How not to catch a bug on a flight, not so easy. Packed as cattle, shared air, extremely low humidity, dirty seats, radiation, leaking fumes, pesticide spraying, the list goes on.
No wonder you are 100 times more likely to pick up a cold on an aeroplane than in your daily life!
My old mantras, don’t touch, use the toilet or breath was sort of OK when I travelled alone. Once you bring kids into the equation it’s not that easy.
Licking the tray, pressing every button in the loo and then licking fingers omg! And on top of that you have to deal with the ultra angry business man with humour failure in front, whose deal went sour and now as an extra bonus get’s kicked in the back by your child, continuously…
I’m sorry, my kids are really well-behaved but something happens to small children between the ages 0-4 when boarding a plane…

This is the “kit” I bring on board to stay healthy and sane on a flight:

 1. Wipes to wipe down armrests and trays. These are the places you are most likely to pick up a bug. (SAS wipes end up black, BA surprisingly clean)

2. Antibacterial Hand wash. On aeroplanes I show signs of OCD, but sick babies on holiday is not fun!

3. After security I head straight to WH Smith or similar to stock up on water. Sipping water through the flight helps the protective membranes stay moisturized they are the first defence against harmful germs and also first to suffer the low humidity.

4. For extra protection I use a nasal mist with Aloe Vera from Weleda. It’s also very beneficial to have a bath or a shower as soon as you can after your flight.

 5. To combat the effects of insecticides  regularly sprayed on planes I take “Air cabin pollution” 30c a homeopathic remedy by Ainsworth.

6. We also take Acidophilus for a few days before we go away and while we are away to help the immune system.

7. A fortnight in a pool can easily bring on an ear infection, so I always bring a pain-killer and a strong nasal spray just incase. A great tip from a flight attendant is to heat a moist napkin in the micro onboard, put it in a mug and hold it over the ear to relive pain.

8. Organic, real fruit-extract lollies from Yummy Earth for  take off and landing.

9. A shawl for draft, hello again pashmina.

10. It’s been reported that the water onboard is perhaps not always so clean and water for coffee and tea is never completely boiled just heated. I bring my own from a coffee shop at the airport.

I also bring: laptop, Ipad, Old Iphone and Itouch as entertainment for the kids, my stress levels have more than halved since I started to bring these.

And if all goes to pots and you/kids still end up unwell don’t forget to pack the NHS card like I did, but that’s another blog post.

♥ Lisa