White Pepper for Stomach Bug


So the noro virus is still doing the rounds.. bu!

The noro Virus is extremely common in Sweden due to the cold weather, the virus doesn’t fall to the ground apperently, but instead stays in the air due to the cold.

Anyway, according to an old swedish wife’s tale you should swallow 7 white peppercorns if you want to avoid the gastric flu.
People in Sweden swear by!
It has has to be taken as soon as the virus is lurking about, but before the bug is actually in your system -after that it’s already to late.
We also take a homeopathy concoction from Ainsworth called “Viral Gastroenteritis Co” this is also good if you catch it and want it out of your system fast.

If your kids constantly get sick, a good thing (apart from the obvious one, washing hands) -is to change their clothes as soon as they get home from school or nursery. Germs are sticky like rice (no, not that poor excuse from Uncle Ben, but the proper stuff) and can stick to clothes for hours. What! More laundry???!!! Yes I’m afraid so!