Manuka Honey Gel

Manuka honey gel)
How I wish I could visit my 15-year old self and tell her everything I have learnt about acne and have to treat it.
I would have told myself to bin all the harsh chemically laden lotions and instead use a light natural face oil all over the face and neck  and then the amazing Manuka Honey Gel from Living Nature straight on the spots to reduce the inflammation and redness.

(This gel is also excellent for sun burn and shaving burn.)

XX Lisa

Face Oils

Face Oils

Face oils deliver serious results, they are nourishing & plumping leave your skin soft and glowing. These oils are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, and they deliver the nutrients quickly & deeply into the skin. They are good for all skin types: rehydrating dry skin, they lessen wrinkles on mature skin, they balance oily skin, and because of this they are really good if you suffer from Acne!

The worst thing you can do to Acne prone skin is to strip it of its oils with harsh lotion and potions, that will only make the situation worse. If the skin is robbed of it’s natural oils it will produce even more, leaving you in a vicious circle. A face oil will balance the oil production and calm the skin down. ( I wish I had known this when I suffered from Acne as a teenager, but I covered my face in some über harsh lotion that even bleached the towels!)

My kids also use a face oil, they (surprisingly!) love the routine of washing their face with a gentle soap by Pitter Patter and then applying the oil, they use an argan oil by Melvita.

At the moment I have two different face oils on the go, Nudes Replenishing Night Oil and Living Nature’s Radiance Night Oil. The Nude one smells divine of rose and vanilla , my favorite smells! It’s  quite dry, so I can sometimes use it during the day as well. I also use a seriously good one by Living Nature, Radiance night Oil is a mix of rose otto, rosehip and frankincense oils to name a few, this one is a bit heavier and best at night and on dry and mature skin.


Stocking up in Stockholm

I’m in Stockholm Sweden for the festive period.
It’s so beautiful and cold and christ-messy.

It’s all about kids and cousins and Lego and cats and food with cream, but I managed to sneak out for some essential swedish shopping. This is where I go every time I’m here:

1. Acne on Norrmalmstorg. A must. Still cheaper than London. Loads of nice new things for cruise/spring. So unfair if you live here and is not off to a nice hot resort any time soon. Spring in Stockholm starts in May- if you’re lucky.

Nice big bag with loads of goodies


2. Skeppshult cast iron frying pans. Another must. These pans contains NO nasty chemicals that are released when cooking or scratched. The only thing they might release is some healthy iron. Sure they weigh ehh – a lot! But if you’re interested in keeping healthy invest in cast iron pots and pans.

♥ Lisa