Ferment Vegetables for Natural Probiotics


Hi everyone!
As autumn is basically here now with gorgeous produce in markets, supermarkets and maybe even from your own garden It’s time to revisit the amazing art of fermentation!
With fermentation you basically up-grade your vegetables, your fermented veg or fruit turns into natural probiotics.
You are growing your own Probiotics – How cool is that!
Is such a cheap and fun way to keep yourself and your family super healthy this autumn and winter.Just follow the easy steps in this video, you can’t go wrong!
And it tastes AMAZING!
Please hit me with any question about fermentation in the comments!




Fermented Cabbage, Cauliflower and Dill

– 1 cabbage head

– 1/2 cauliflower head

– bunch of dill

– Himalayan crystal salt  (15gram of salt per kilo vegetables)

You  also need:

– Scale

– knife

– chopping board

– mixing bowl

-kilner jar


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