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new prod Kit 6 years old!
Hi there, life took over there for a while 🙂 but I’m back!

I found a couple of new helpful and healthy products in my local health food store that I want to recommend.
(For the record I have nothing to do with any of these companies)

The first one are yummy Chia Pods. They come in different flavours like mango, blueberry, banana and vanilla. They are made from fruit purée, coconut milk and chia seeds. Of course it’s beyond easy to make your own, but you have to prepare them a couple of hours before serving. I had a bunch of kids over for a play date the other day and served these pods as a healthy pudding as chia seeds contains important omega 3 fatty acids and fibre.

Apart from butter, we are a dairy free family and rely on rice milk as a milk substitute. I was super pleased to finally find a rice milk made from brown rice! It means there’s a bigger chance some of the nutrients from the rice are still there 🙂 This one is from Rude health. I tastes almost exactly the same as white rice milk and I do like the packaging as well.

Spaghetti made from legumes are popping up all over, I’m big on legumes and beans anyway and this is a fab contribution to my none-gluten-pasta-collection.

I have written about Co Yo coconut yoghurts before, but the raw chocolate flavour was new to me. Blinking hell it was amazing! It contains coconut milk, cacao, tapioca starch and xylitol.

XX Lisa

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