Detox Your Home: Cordless Phones


I have just binned my beautiful white Alessi cordless phone.
It has been unplugged for a year but it’s been hard to actually throw it away because I love the shape and colour 🙂

It’s all to do with detoxing my home.

Electromagnetic radiation is REALLY bad for our health and cordless phones are exceedingly bad!

The radiation it emits can damage cells, making tumors and cancer more likely.

It’s the docking station or base that is the culprit here.
And where do we normally keep our cordless phone? Yep, next to our bed.

This is really harmful, not just for DNA damage but it also affects our sleep in a bad way.

The best thing you can do for your health is to bin the cordless phone and install an old-fashioned one with a cord.
If that is not an option, at least take it out of your bedroom.

And of course children should be kept far, far away from cordless phones, their brains are still developing and the EMF’s are particularly bad for them!
This is also true for mobile phones if you let your kids play with them,  put it on airplane mode.

PS. There are a lot of things out there that are terrible for our health, things we are powerless to change, but at least we can make cleaner and healthier choices for our homes. Knowledge is power 🙂

XX Lisa

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