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Happy Monday everyone!

I’m banned from all unnecessary shopping for a while, but I just had to make a quick stop at H&M’s newly launched brand & Other Stories, If not just to show some swedish patriotism..

I like the shop (on Regent Street in London) its airy and light (white) and the clothes are not squashed together like at H&M and Cos, you can actually see what’s on the hangers.
I found a few t-shirts I liked and a structured top that I would have bought if the colour had not been totally wrong on me.

But it was definitely the bags, shoes and accessories that caught my attention (did not have time to check out the make-up or the lotions and potions) Some of the clutches and shoppers are great and the shoes are really cool.

I came away with a nice snake patterned belt and a black leather Alice band, none of the items are on the website.
The belt is in a size extra small and it’s BIG, so not sure if it’s been labelled wrong and it doesn’t fit easily through the loop, but the hairband is flawless. (I guess I should have tried the belt properly in the shop)

In comparison to H&M and Cos, & Other Stories is more cool and fun and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that the hangers have at least 2 centimeters between them. (Hopefully this is not because they are still awaiting stock)!

I had heard rumors it’ was suppose to be expensive, It’s not, my two leather items came to £45.

XX Lisa

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