Estelle and Thild Organic Skin Care from Sweden

Estelle & Thilde

I have wanted to try the swedish skin, body and baby care range Estelle & Thild since I first saw it on the shelves at Selfridges a month or two ago.
But my lotions and potions cupboard is a bit over stuffed at the moment so I decided to wait until I got to Stockholm this Christmas.
I had forgotten to pack my body oil and body wash and I also needed a new shampoo for the kids, so that’s what I got.

Estelle & Thild offers organic skin care without any nasties like parabens, mineral oils, SLS, synthetic emulsifiers etc.
The company was founded by Pernilla Rönnberg. a Swedish mum who wanted organic, clean and effective products without any harmful chemicals for her two daughters Estelle and Mathilde.
The range started as a baby range and grow from there.

So the verdict: I really liked the products they are clean and simple, with no fuss.

I tried the Body Oil with Neroli and Bergamot.
I like body oils very much and this one is really good, it leaves the skin soft and slightly shiny, but not to oily so I can defiantly use it in the summer as well. It smells nice, not to strong and it’s quite a uni-sex smell, so not just for girls.
I will buy it again when I run out. It will set me back £25 for 150ml  which I think is really reasonable for a product with no cheap fillers.

I also tried the bergamot Body Wash: It cleanses very well, almost to well, I myself prefer when the wash leaves a bit of moisture on the skin.
It smells lovely of bergamot though. If my kids were a bit older ie teens I would get it for them.

And the third product I tried was the Shampoo for Baby and Child: Loved it! The kids tried it and I tried it too when I couldn’t find my own shampoo. It’s not ideal for me perhaps with my coloured, super fine hair.. but it wasn’t bad in any way. For the kids its perfect! It’s gentle and leaves the hair clean and soft. And I will not freak out when my 9 year old don’t rinse it all out. I will get it again for sure!

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