Beauty: Treaments

Brow tinting

Scouse brow taken to the very edge?
No, just my most treasured beauty treatment bar none.
Eye brow tint followed by threading is making such an enormous difference to my face. Just perfect for a complete natural and groomed look. Not that you can tell by this picture, taken whilst lying down in the very comfortable chair.

I have it done every second month and sometimes I also get my eyelashes tinted. The eyebrows get a brown-grey mix and eyelashes are coloured blue black. It only takes about 20 minutes and looking in the mirror is a happier experience afterwords.

I go to Malika for this treatment. All therapists are really good, I have never been disappointed and they play Indian Chants in the salon. So good for a little impromptu mini meditation in the middle of shopping mayhem.

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