Get Rid of Verrucas Forever

From glossy mags to, err warts!
A couple of months into my then 5 year old’s first year in school het got verrucas, a lot of verrucas.
Warts and head lice  2 lovely things you have to deal with when the kids start school. I guess that’s the trade off for getting a bit more time for yourself.
The class had started swimming lessons, that’s probably where he picked it up, they love warm moist places, the warts not the boys.
Foot warts are not just unsightly they can be really painful aswell.
Verrucas or verruca plantaris is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) and when they strike its with full force, it’s extremely difficult to get rid of and they almost always re-appear.
My sons homeopath suggested Thuja, the to go to remedy for verrucas. One pill 30C once a day.
I decided  to combat from 2 fronts with a Thuja 30C pill taken orally, and also with a Thuja tincture straight onto the warts.
It took a long time, 2-3 months, but we kept at it and all of them eventually disappeared and they never came back!!
This is now 3 years ago, my 8-year-old goes swimming twice a week and does Martial Arts twice a-week – barefoot and not a single verruca has re-appeared!
I heart homeopathy!
You can find homeopathy pills in all sorts of different shops, but I always make sure mine are from a good quality homoeopathic pharmacy.
My favorite is Ainsworth but there’s also  Helios or Nelsons.


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  1. Ther’s a bunch of homeopathic remedies for bedwetting, but it’s all depending on what exactly would suit so best to see a homeopath, someone who can look at his whole constitution as well. 🙂

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