Shades of white at Selfridges

selfridges concept store

I absolutely love the colour white. (I might dress in black, but that is for slimming purposes only).
I’m dreaming of moving into a white house with white interiors and if it wasn’t so bleeding cold I would check into The Ice Hotel pronto.
White stands for light, goodness, purity and perfection. And apparently people who like the colour white are often organized and logical.. yeah right!! That’s not me at all! But I guess I do long for a more organized life in general and an organized office space in particular

Stepping into Selfridges Concept Store my heart skipped a beat!
Everything is white, Absolut Vodka bottles, Birking bags, home stuff from Martin Margiela Maison, art by Mark Quinn, ride-in Daleks, lamps, shoes, watches, you name it. Most of it is made specifically for Selfridges.
I wouldn’t mind moving in! Check it out if you are in town.

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