Liquid Pink Sunshine

Morning drink.


First thing in the morning I make myself a morning drink called Sole (pronounced So-Lay)  – wich translates as sunshine/energy. It’s Pink Himalayan Crystal salt mixed with water.
Yay! Tasty! No, not really but it’s amazalisiously good for you.
Himalayan Crystal salt is bursting with minerals which when disolved in water becomes easily absorbed by the body, and as an extra kick-ass bonus: the salt contains solar vibrations from millions of years ago and this energy is released in the brine!

Sole is good for a bunch of ailments you can read more here. One of my kids often get’s a dry cough and it really helps him to have a sip of sole and also to gargle with it. It takes about a day to prep the brine.

This is how you make it:

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