Artificial Sweetners are toxic to GUT BACTERIA

Researchers have found that artificial sweeteners are toxic to our gut bacteria. They found that toxins were developed when gut bacteria was exposed to artificial sweeteners like aspartame. These pesky man-made sweeteners have previously been linked to migraine, obesity, cancer, type 2 diabetes and liver toxicity. This is even more evidence that artificial sweeteners should be avoided at all costs!

As far as I’m concerned the whole sugar tax palaver has put us in a worse position health wise and sugar have been replaced with toxic artificial sweeteners.
If there’s anything I hope I have taught my kids It’s to always chose natural sugars over the altricial variety – every time.
These sweeteners are also an environmental pollutants as they are resistant to waste-water treatments according to research. This was news to me but I can’t say I’m surprised.
When I was a teenager I constantly drank Coca-Cola Light as It was called in Sweden at the time and one of my best friends who was studying medicine told me aspartame was linked to brain cancer. He never touch the stuff after that. I wish I had stopped there and then.
Perhaps my diet-coke-habit was part of the reason my first-born developed multiple food allergies when he was little. Microbes are passed on from Mothers to babies at birth and through breastfeeding and researchers have found that allergi and asthma in babies and toddlers are linked to low levels of certain bacteria.
Anyhow, I can only recommend that you read the labels, especially on chewing gum, vitamins, flavored yoghurt and soft drinks. It’s everywhere.
And if you are desperate for a coke always go for the original.
And then let’s FEED our good gut bacteria with healthy foods and fermented foods and drinks!
XX Lisa

Looking after my Teeth Naturally

Hi everyone!
My waterpik is ny number one tool for keeping my teeth clean, I could not live without it!
I also brush my teeth with a small amount of Fluoride-Free toothpaste.
Fluoride can be good for cavities  but it’s truly awful for the body, it’s a  highly toxic substance and should not be anywhere near the mouth and especially not sensitive children.
Non natural toothpaste also contain harmful chemicals like  triclosan and SLS  (sodium Lauryl sulphate).
Healthy teeth are not just about keeping them clean, much more important is a healthy diet – full of life bursting vitamins and minerals and with as little sugar as possible!


You can find my to-go-to mouth wash HERE

This is powerful stuff 🙂



Detox Your Home: Dry Cleaning


The other day I saw a beautifully cut plain cotton t-shirt from a top end british designer (no names, but she don’t use leather) the t-shirt was made from organic cotton Yay!….BUT it’s dry clean only… It’s so irritating!

Of course you can wash it in 30 degrees, but it’s so annoying these people are not fully onboard.
They make the effort producing a t-shirt in organic cotton, but then they slap a dry cleaning label on when it’s not necessary! So no, I didn’t get it.

There are around 80.000 chemicals on the market and  new ones are introduced every year.
Only a small proportion of these have been tested for the long-term effects on our health.
Children are more at risk from these toxins because of rapid cell division when they grow.

One of these hazardous chemicals is perchloro-etylene and this one is introduced to your family when you bring your dry cleaning home.

Actually, to call it dry cleaning is a bit misleading. The process is not really about cleaning but about soaking the garment in a nice little chemical cocktail that draws out stains and make the clothes look nice, but the chemicals are not rinsed away.

Sure, some clothes just can’t be washed in water and the best way to reduce the amount of perchloro-etylene you bring into your house is to remove the plastic covers as soon as you get home and hang the clothes outside for a good old airing. A couple of hours is ideal, but at least until the dry-cleaning smell is gone.

XX Lisa