Healthy Eats – Stockholm: GAST

Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas and that you are ready to take on 2018. I absolutely love Christmas and eat everything traditional and Christmassy. But now I’m done. I am craving vegetables!
We headed to new cafe/lunch spot Gast (old swedish for ghost) for a late breakfast. It’s beautifully designed airy, light and spacious with a great play list. The menu is in English and the staff seems to all be from an English speaking country, making this the perfect place to discover the real Stockholm and at the same time not feel like an outsider. Gast is situated slap bang in the middle of Stockholm but it’s a slightly hidden gem and even I had to give the address a google. I had a wonderful vegan soup with fennel and zucchini. So delicious and fresh. There is always a beautiful vegan salad on the menu and the soup of the day is often vegan. They serve great coffees and loads of traditional pastries like the gluten free and nut free chocolate roulade. (my teenager’s favorite). Now I’m getting ready to pack up and head to the airport in a few hours. Goodbye Stockholm and 2017.




Greetings from Stockholm!



Greetings from Stockholm!!
It’s all about water over here. We look for an amazingly clean natural spring water and admire the views as you can see in the video below.
It’s also crayfish party time right now, my favourite!
Friends and family gather over a ginormous bowl of crayfish accompanied by vodka, cheese and bread. Yum! Well not the vodka for me but I like the idea of it. It’s also very important to wear a silly hat!

XXX Lisa

Nobis Hotel Stockholm Sweden, Video

Nobis HotelCocktails at NobisNobis Hotel StockholmBreakfast a Nobis

We stayed at Nobis Hotel in Stockholm this summer, a contemporary hotel slap bang right on Norrmalmstorg. You don’t get more central than that, walking distance to absolutely everywhere, so no need for practical shoes!
Also next door to Acne..

Rooms are small but practical. Staff are really friendly and VERY good at getting tables for 11 people at a “completely full” restaurant.

An iron and ironingboard was swiftly delivered to our room on request, and the dress I had altered and delivered was hanging in our wardrobe when we arrived, top marks!
And another 10 points for free WiFi! Hopefully more hotels will follow suit.
Another highlight was the cocktails in the early evening sunshine, especially the left one in the picture above. The “Victoria” (named after the crown princess) came full of crushed cloud berries so almost a health drink!
Stockholm has not been on the forefront of cocktail making, you would be hard-pressed to even get a rubbish Cosmo, but the mixologists at Nobis have upped the ante, big time!

Here is a video of our small but perfectly formed room.

♥ L

Snapshots: Stockholm

Fjaderholmarna Krog
Fjaderholmarna krog

Stockholm is truly spectacular in summer.
Where else can you catch a boat in the middle of the city and after 20 minutes find yourself on a magical island in the archipelago.
After some exploring you can chill out in this excellent restaurant. Lunch or dinner here is highly recommended
{Fjardrholmarnas krog}

Fjaderholmarnas restaurant
Fjaderholmarnas krog


Shrimp salad
Another day another Shrimp Salad

I had A LOT of shrimp salads this week, the best one at Zink Grill a super nice, laid back, trendy french style restaurant 2 min walk from our hotel.
Don’t let the decor fool you, it looks way to much like a Cafe Rouge chock horror, but the food is beyond nice and clientele is very amusing.

We also indulged in Prinsess Tårta, the best cake in the whole wide world.
No self-respecting  swedish café is without this green Blumenthal-esque delight.

Prinsess Cake
Prinsess Cake 

We spent a lot of our time in Stockholm on roller coasters.
Gröna Lund is the amusement park a mere 10 min walk from the city center.
Me and the Mr also checked out, or checked in to the fairly new Hotel Nobis (Next door to Acne!!), will post a video review soon.

Nobis Hotel Stockholm
Nobis Hotel

A visit to Stockholm would not be the same without raiding  Acne, came back with among other things the perfect silky bomber jacket that I’m not taking off, ever!

…and of course I had to get a couple of bottles of  Pure Pine Tree extract.
The essence of Sweden!

Pine Tree Drink
Pine Tree Drink

♥ Lisa


Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm

We where staying at Lydmar Hotel while in Stockholm. Can highly recommend it. The über friendly staff made us feel really welcome. Here are some pictures and a short tour of our room. I will absolutely return next time I’m in Stockholm. Perfect location and no need to jump places for dinner/drinks – a big plus when it’s MINUS 16 degrees.

XX Lisa

Stocking up in Stockholm

I’m in Stockholm Sweden for the festive period.
It’s so beautiful and cold and christ-messy.

It’s all about kids and cousins and Lego and cats and food with cream, but I managed to sneak out for some essential swedish shopping. This is where I go every time I’m here:

1. Acne on Norrmalmstorg. A must. Still cheaper than London. Loads of nice new things for cruise/spring. So unfair if you live here and is not off to a nice hot resort any time soon. Spring in Stockholm starts in May- if you’re lucky.

Nice big bag with loads of goodies


2. Skeppshult cast iron frying pans. Another must. These pans contains NO nasty chemicals that are released when cooking or scratched. The only thing they might release is some healthy iron. Sure they weigh ehh – a lot! But if you’re interested in keeping healthy invest in cast iron pots and pans.

♥ Lisa