Cast Iron Pans: The safe Way To Cook

I love cooking in my good old cast iron pots and pans.
Some of them are old, really old we are talking grandma’s mother type old.

They last forever if you treat them right, they are safe to cook in, provides an even heat distribution, the production does not jeopardise the environment, they give off healthy iron and most important they don’t kill canaries!

Non stick pans are not my cup of tea.
The fumes they give off  if you happen to overheat them are toxic, kills small birds…  Dupont makers of Teflon advises customers to remove pet birds while cooking. They argue that the fumes killing birds does not affect people…hmm not convinced.
For me this is a big red blinking light with deafening alarm bells.
For many years miners used canaries to warn them of deadly gases, as far as I’m concerned I’ve been warned.
There is a green brand of non stick called Green Pan which is a greener choice if you can’t resist non stick, otherwise go super green and cook in cast Iron.

Yes, cleaning a non stick pan is easier, but it’s also frightfully easy to scratch the surface and hey presto toxins are escaping.

This is how you clean a cast iron pan: It’s recommended that you only use hot water and a brush, but sometimes I cheat and use a drop of mild detergent. Dry the pan,  pour some oil in and return it to the stove on low heat for a minute or so. Wipe away excess oil.   My pancake pan was from a car boot sale and in dire need of some TLC. This is what you do if your pan needs a lift:

Cast Iron Pan Makeover:

1. Wash with hot water and a brush, only.

2. Pour course salt into the pan and place it on the stove on full blast. Burn the salt, shake the pan now and then ,the salt will draw out the old burnt in fat.

3. Let it cool down and discard of the salt.

4. Pour a lot of oil (I use sunflower oil) into the pan and put it on very low temperature for about  20 min.Let the oil absorb into the pan, fill up with more oil if needed, don’t let it dry out.

5. Remove the oil when done and dry the pan with kitchen towel.

Doing this once or twice a year will keep your pan spick and span.

You remove rust spots with steel wool or if needed a steel brush, and then do the make over clean as above.

Most of my pans are from Skeppshult  you can get them  here and some of them are handed down from my family.


Stocking up in Stockholm

I’m in Stockholm Sweden for the festive period.
It’s so beautiful and cold and christ-messy.

It’s all about kids and cousins and Lego and cats and food with cream, but I managed to sneak out for some essential swedish shopping. This is where I go every time I’m here:

1. Acne on Norrmalmstorg. A must. Still cheaper than London. Loads of nice new things for cruise/spring. So unfair if you live here and is not off to a nice hot resort any time soon. Spring in Stockholm starts in May- if you’re lucky.

Nice big bag with loads of goodies


2. Skeppshult cast iron frying pans. Another must. These pans contains NO nasty chemicals that are released when cooking or scratched. The only thing they might release is some healthy iron. Sure they weigh ehh – a lot! But if you’re interested in keeping healthy invest in cast iron pots and pans.

♥ Lisa