3 Things

WB&Co Pure unpasteurized veg-only juice. All the goodness still intact, perfect for lazy days when assembling/washing your juicer is not exactly top of your list. Spinich-carrot-parsley is my favorite. Ultra green, ultra healthy (sadly not for pregnant women or kids).  

Another great product for lazy days is Pedon’s Basmati Oat and lentils mix. Boil for 10 min – that’s it. Great healthy alternative to pasta when time is at an essence.

Talking of lazy days. I’m dreaming of having this concrete YES concrete sofa at the bottom of my garden spending a hot afternoon away with the fairies. Two drawbacks though, one, don’t have a garden only a roof terrace which would not be able to take the weight and secondly the price, a hefty £5000 at Selfridges.

♥ Lisa