Lip Love

When you are switching to clean green beauty products, start with swapping either your foundation (because it covers a big area) or your lipstick.
Here are 4 reasons why switching to clean lip products is a good idea:
-The skin on your lips is thin and it’s easier for nasties to penetrate
– You probably re-apply during the day so larger quantities of toxins will be absorbed.
– you will inadvertently swallow some of the product as you eat and drink.
– Your kisses won’t come with nasties 🙂

The products in this video:
Ilia Beauty: Lipstick:  In my room
Ilia Beauty: Lipstick: Wild Child
Lippy Girl: P-Bomb
Pacifica: Coconut lip Butter in Shell

Video: Off to the Gym!

Hi everyone!
I’m so happy I’ve been able to start exercising again. It’s been 3 years of having a bad knee, where running to the bus resulted in not being able to walk the following day. Physio absolutely helped but I suspect the clincher was the supplement I started to take. So far so good!

The products mentioned in this video:
Orgono Living Silica
Lavera eye brow styling gel Hazel brown
Pacifica Coconut lip Butter Shell