Recipe: My Favorite Christmas Treat

is choklad

My absolute favorite home-made christmas treat is the very traditional swedish classic Ischoklad (ie ice-chocolate).

It’s so easy to make you only mix two ingredients: chocolate and coconut oil.
The name refers to the cooling effect you get when you pop this scrumptious treat in your mouth, and it’s because the melting point of the coconut oil and the chocolate are different,

The coconut oil melts at about ten degrees lower than the chocolate.
If you want to increase the effect you can also add some mint to the mixture.
I’m sure you have heard of all the health benefits you get from raw coconut oil so you can eat this delicious treat with a good conscience!

Melt 250 grams of dark or milk chocolate and 125 grams of raw coconut oil in a Bain Marie.
(place ingredients in a bowl, which you place over a pan with boiling water)
Let it melt, stir.
Pour in to molds and place in the fridge until solidified.