Drinking Tea, Disney and Download

Hi there, Hope you are having a great Thursday!
I’ve been battling with tech all day today….grrr. At 5pm I got out of my pyjama to pick up my 10 year old from squash. Now I’m chilling with a cup of Dandelion, Burdock and Hawthorn tea. Great for cleansing the blood and liver and it also comes with anti-inflammatory properties.

I didn’t exactly achieve what I set out to do today.. but hey-ho tomorrow is a new day!

I love the below quote “Worry is a waste of imagination”. I completely and totally agree! Instead of fretting about what I didn’t manage to do today I’m envisioning  all the progress that will happen tomorrow.
Believing that things will work out resets the mind so it’s easier to see solutions to problems and to recognise new opportunities.

This is the cover to my “Guided Meditations for Morning and Evening” that I recorded last week. You can download it in the next couple of days. After my little tech problem has been solved.

Healthy Guilt-free Frappuccino (vegan)

20140705163824(3)I absolutely adore Coffee Frappuccino’s ever since I had my very first Ice-blended coffee at The Coffe Bean in Beverly Hills 1994.
I was working on a documentary with a less than uplifting subject, and sipping on this in the early morning sunshine as I watched the city come to life just made my time in LA very special.
Ice cream have always been my comfort food of choice , I guess I need to cool down…
The above recipe is my healthy version of  an ice-blended drink and It’s super yummy!!
I use dandelion as a coffee substitute, it’s good for the digestion it supports important liver function.
Hope you like it!




Link to Healthy Latte: https://youtu.be/YPS4aOERYqc

Healthy Vegan Frappuccino

Serves 1


 – 1/4 cup hot water

– 2 tablespoons dandelion coffee

– 1/3 – 1/2 cup home-made coconut milk

– 2 dates

– 1 tablespoon coconut nectar

– 1/2- 1 tablespoon cacao nibs

– a few drops of peppermint extract

– 1 trey of ice cubs


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Video: How to make a healthy Latte


I adore coffee, unfortunately it’s not mutual.
But I have found a great substitute that is doing wonders for my liver 🙂

What I forgot to say in the video is that the safe levels for caffeine according to research is 400mg for an average adult and 200mg for a pregnant woman. According to Chemical and Engineering News a Grande coffee from a coffee shop contains 330mg, but this have been disputed by the coffee chain.

The Dandelion coffee that worked for me is the Non Instant Dandelion Coffee from Cotswold Health Products.
I’m sure you can get it online.

XX Lisa