Super Food: Eggs


Eggs are a superfood, they are a good source of high quality protein and have all the 9 essential amino acids. They also contains vitamin D, B2,B5 B12, selenium and iodine. Eggs are great for your nails and hair due to its sulphur content.

In the past people have been worried that eggs would have a negative impact on cholesterol , but in fact new studies has shown its the saturated fats in the diet not diatry cholesterol that cause raised cholesterol. And eggs may actually promote healthy cholesterol.

There’s been a lot of hooha about Omega-3 eggs I’m not convinced about these, why mess with perfection? These hens might have been fed a poor quality source of Omega 3, and so you don’t get what your think you are paying for.

You are much better off buying organic free-range eggs straight from the farmer, if possible.

I don’t want to mess with my eggs, at the moment we eat a lot.
In the morning I prepare 1 boiled egg for me, egg-white omelette for 8yo (he would never EVER eat the yellow) and my little one loves a “porridge egg”. This is basically an egg mixed with 1/2 tablespoon of oat meal (this combo is the best thing coming out of The Dukan Diet).

Last week I came across the most decadent egg ever: truffled eggs!

Oh yes! The eggs have been stored next to smelly truffles and through their porous shell the smell has been transferred, no really!
I found them next to the champagne in Selfridges Food Hall, and they do actually taste of truffles.

I like the idea of a boiled truffled egg with a glass Champagne in a vintage saucer. Credit crunch defying Friday cheer! But absolutely not for breakfast! I would be ruined at £2 an egg!
I have a friend who swears that a boiled egg before bed after a heavy party night does the trick to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

Hard Boild Egg

3 X Pink Drinks

Rose water
Rose Water

I rely on a 3 Pink Drinks to keep me calm, relaxed and stress free.
The first is my evening  Rose Water drink. I wish I could send you a sniff through the cloud, the smell is  beyond delicious!
The gorgeous rose petals banish depression and relaxes you.
I take this at night, sometimes with a small piece of dark chocolate.
I add two teaspoons of a good quality Rose Water to a small glass of hot water.

The next pink drink is my Sole,the liquid sunshine.
A teaspoon  in a glass of water cleanses and replenish in the morning.
Find out how to make Sole here.

And the third pink drink is a special occasion drink, a glass of Champagne with a delicious Hibiscus Flower as garnish.
Hibiscus tea was a favorite of Egyptian Pharaohs, It helps reduce inflammation and is an excellent source of vitamin C.
Put the hibiscus flower in a champagne glass add a teaspoon of the syrup and top up with bubbly, the bubbles make the flower opens up.
Instant party!


Champagne with  Hibiscous Flower.

♥ L