Tulsi Tea ~ Queen of Herbs

Happy Friday everyone!
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I was asked on Youtube to explain more about Tulsi Tea and it’s health benefits. Here goes:
Tusli or Holy Basil as it’s sometimes called is a principle herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Made from the leaves and flowers of the holy basil or tulsi plant cultivated in Thailand and India.  I’ve found numerous clinical studies describing the therapeutic benefits it has on our bodies.
To name a few It has been proven to have an effect on type 2 diabetes as well as on immunity and inflammation. Basically you can say it assists with the bodys natural house-keeping.
Tulsi tea is also very good for combating stress and anxiety. Have a cup of freshly brewed tea before you go into that dreaded meeting. Or end the day with a relaxing cuppa.
I have heard the term “liquid Yoga” used to describe tulsi tea. Sums it up perfectly!
This tea is not only good for us, it tastes wonderful as well. You can get it in different flavours, but I prefer the bog-standard version.

Have a wonderful weekend!!



Turmeric Latte


As the winter nights draw closer bring in some warmth and sunshine with this Turmeric latte!
The spice turmeric contains a super powerful pigment called curcumin.
It’s one of the most powerful antioxidants found and it comes with strong anti-inflammatory action so really good for auto-immune disorders.
Researchers  has also found it has anti-carcinogenic action so may protect the body against cancer.
The only problem is it’s not easily absorbed by the body, so to boost absorption I blend it  in warm milk and also add some black pepper.

Turmeric Latte

– 1 and 1/2 cup almond milk

– piece of fresh turmeric

– piece of fresh ginger

– stevia or maple syrup

– cinnamon


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