Friday Ferment: Carrots & Dill in Brine

OMG! How can it be Friday already??
This Friday Ferment video is all about how to ferment in brine. Super easy and not as messy as the last weeks ferment. Carrots and dill is such a great combo works with protein and vegan dishes. Quickly to make and 4 days of patience ans voila you got some tasty carrots full of health promoting bacteria.
Have a fantastic weekend!

X Lisa

FRIDAY FERMENT: Cabbage & Lime

Happy Friday! I’m starting a new segment called Friday Ferment. I will give you a great fermenting recipe or talk about health benefits of fermented foods or answer any questions you might have. Every Fridays video will be about farming your own healthy bacteria. Hope you like it!
Me and the kids are off to Stockholm for the weekend to celebrate my Mum’s birthday. Can’t wait. Now the boys are older I have decided to travel with just one cabin bag…whish me luck as I try to fit everything in 🙂
Have a fabulous week! XX

Healthy Eats London: Kalifornia Kitchen

One big advantage of living in a world city is that everything happens fast and quick. New ideas constantly. It is impossible to get bored! As a freelancer I’m always dashing around from job to job and I’m always on the lookout for cool new healthy eating establishments. They are popping up like mushrooms! This little sun-ray on Percy Street in W1is perfect for banishing the winter blues. Kalifornia Kitchen serves the most wonderful braised cabbage. You have to try it!

Philip Colbert at Saatchi

Good morning! Quick shout out about an exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery in London you don’t want to miss. Especially if you got kids and are keen to get them enthusiastic about art. Philip Colbert is a “Neo Pop Surrealist” 🙂 and have been described as “The Godson of Andy Warhol”. My 11 year old was memorised. The paintings and sculptures are large and colourful. Loads to explore! He wants to go again!!
The exhibition is on until the 14th January.

Check out his website here.

All You need to know about PROTEIN

How much protein do you need?
This video is all about PROTEIN.
How much do you need? How to make sure you get enough protein if you are a vegan? What are good vegan sources of protein? Do I need to combine my vegan proteins at every meal? What is a safe limit if you rely on meat protein?

These questions will be answered 🙂

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Miso Covered Aubergine RECIPE so good!!!

XX Lisa

Sticks n’Sushi Chelsea

Yesterday was last day of the Christmas holiday before school and my little foodie wanted to have a slap up Japanese meal. We went down to Kings Road to check out danish/Japanese restaurant Sticks n’Sushi that opened recently.
Scandi blogs and magazines are full of interior shots from this restaurant that is one of 4 in London. Without keeping up to date of what’s going on in Stockholm and I would never have heard about it.

The Interior is Scandi, the food is Japanese. A Fab combo as it happens. I ordered kimchi, a miso soup and a seaweed salad. I loved both the salad and the miso soup. The kimchi was good, but I think I make a nicer one at home. My little companion ordered A LOT from the photo-album menu (so good for a small person or someone not familiar with Japanese foods). Of course he could not eat half of it so I had to help him out, as the helpful mum I am. This happens a lot when we go out to eat..

Clean Beauty Faves – December

Happy Christmas! My tree is up, all my scandi santas, angels and star lights have been placed out. Three is not a single bare surface..
Now I’m just waiting for the Home Office to do their bit for the Christmas Spirit and return my childs swedish passport so we can have a white Christmas in Stockholm. With Mercury retrograde until Christmas Eve this could be easier said then done…I have to try to stay patient.
With so many new and hard-working clean green beauty products hitting the shelfs every week you can easily have it all AND be good to the environment at the same time! In this video I’ll show you what I’m using and loving now.


Italian Korean & Vegan – Healthy eats in London

I had an early Voice-Over job in Farringdon yesterday and when I was done at around 10 a clock I decided to walk to Shoreditch just for fun and to explore London a bit more on foot. Something I normally never have time for.
I came across areas I had never seen before. So much to explore even after 25 years as a Londoner.
Right in the middle of Brick Lane (famous for its curry houses and bagels) I stumbled on the most fantastic vegan cafe specializing in Italian and Korean cuisine in the most wonderful mix! Kimchi with everything! My kind of place.
I had a generous portion of hemp hotdogs with rice and 2 types of kimchi and home-made vegan parmesan. It was so delicious!
I’m already planning what I’m having next time it is a toss-up between  Kimchi lasagna or Kimchi tortollini..
The Italian chef Marco was cooking and making me feel very welcome at the same time. VEGAN YES is a happy place filled with glorious.

Vegan Yes is 64 Brick Lane.


JACKFRUIT as a meat substitute

Have you tried Jackfruit yet? My first Jackfruit experience was at Farm Girl, I had the Blue Jack Tacos with BBQ flavoured pulled jackfruit. So delicious!
It is used as a meat substitute because of its texture – firm and flakey. Reminds me of tuna in its texture but also chicken breasts because it’s fairly tasteless. You need a strong sauce or spices and the jackfruit will soak it all up.
Jackfruit is only a meat substitute in terms of texture, it is not rich in protein. It is low in calories with only 95 kcal per 100g, and it comes with fiber, vitamins and minerals like, A, C and the B’s and is a good source of potassium.
But where Jackfruit really shines is when used as a meat substitute in Tacos, a curry or stew with a lots of flavours.
A tin of jackfruit is a bout £3 and you’ll find it in most health store shops.
It is the young green fruit that is used and it comes in salted water.
Jackfruits are enormous, it’s actually the largest tree-borne fruit in the world and can weigh between 3 and 30kg. It travels from far away places like India, Thailand and Brazil.