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Transform your life with my guided meditations!

Lisa Gusto Guided Meditations includes two tracks. One for Morning and one for Evening.

I have created these tracks to help you get ready for deep healing sleep at night and gear up for a new day full of exciting opportunities in the morning! Connect with your inner world to shift your perception and find opportunities, solutions and happiness!

These Meditations are easy to fit into your busy life!

The morning meditation is just 10 minutes and the evening meditation is 15 minutes! And further down it should be Guided Morning Meditation 10 minutes and Guided Evening Meditation 15 minutes

This is a digital album. Download these tracks to your phone, tablet and laptop. Pop your headphones on and listen whenever or wherever you need to be uplifted or when you need peace and calm!

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What you will find inside:

Guided Morning Meditation 10min
Feeling calm,in charge and ready for a day full of exciting opportunities and happenings!

Guided Evening meditation 15 min
Getting ready for deep healing sleep. This meditation takes you on a journey where you will feel uplifted and deeply connected.

Guided meditations are easy to follow and a powerful tool for personal development!

You might Experience:

  • Profound deep relaxation
  • Feeling in charge of your life
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Increased feeling of freedom
  • Release of self-doubt and insights on how to resolve difficult situations
  • Release fear, stress and tension
  • shift your viewpoint perspective

PRAISE For The Guided Meditations Morning and Evening

"As a health coach, entrepreneur and a busy mom, I love starting and ending my day with quality centring "me" time. Listening to Lisa's super empowering voice and to her inspiring both morning and evening meditations have become an integral part of my daily routine that sets up my day to success. Right after listening to Lisa's guided mediations, I immediately feel aligned, centred and in my full power and laser focused. It is exactly what I need to start or end a successful, inspired and productive day."

Shahinaz El Tarouty - Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach. Cairo, Egypt.

“If you take a little time in the morning to listen to Lisa, you will be starting your day in a great way. Pure pleasure. Every thought you hear is full of love. Stay focused and you’ll reap so many benefits. It’s simply so positive, I want to hear it twice!And once you’ve finished your day, lie back for a little and soak up her thoughtful words. Your body and mind instantly relax and again you’re filled with kindness. That’s a beautiful state to be in as you drift off to slumber land. …I know a fair few friends I’ll be getting this for!“

Jessica Phillips London, UK

ABOUT Lisa Gustafsson

Lisa Gustafsson is a certified nutritionist helping clients with food sensitivities and digestive disorders.

Lisa is a firm believer in nourishing the soul to create a wonderful life and to use food as medicine. She is especially interested in the healing properties of fermented foods. Lisa is also a voice over artist working for TV channels and advertisers.

She runs a blog at and a YouTube channellisagusto where she shares her knowledge of fermented foods, family friendly recipes and non-toxic beauty.

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