Artificial Sweetners are toxic to GUT BACTERIA

Researchers have found that artificial sweeteners are toxic to our gut bacteria. They found that toxins were developed when gut bacteria was exposed to artificial sweeteners like aspartame. These pesky man-made sweeteners have previously been linked to migraine, obesity, cancer, type 2 diabetes and liver toxicity. This is even more evidence that artificial sweeteners should be avoided at all costs!

As far as I’m concerned the whole sugar tax palaver has put us in a worse position health wise and sugar have been replaced with toxic artificial sweeteners.
If there’s anything I hope I have taught my kids It’s to always chose natural sugars over the altricial variety – every time.
These sweeteners are also an environmental pollutants as they are resistant to waste-water treatments according to research. This was news to me but I can’t say I’m surprised.
When I was a teenager I constantly drank Coca-Cola Light as It was called in Sweden at the time and one of my best friends who was studying medicine told me aspartame was linked to brain cancer. He never touch the stuff after that. I wish I had stopped there and then.
Perhaps my diet-coke-habit was part of the reason my first-born developed multiple food allergies when he was little. Microbes are passed on from Mothers to babies at birth and through breastfeeding and researchers have found that allergi and asthma in babies and toddlers are linked to low levels of certain bacteria.
Anyhow, I can only recommend that you read the labels, especially on chewing gum, vitamins, flavored yoghurt and soft drinks. It’s everywhere.
And if you are desperate for a coke always go for the original.
And then let’s FEED our good gut bacteria with healthy foods and fermented foods and drinks!
XX Lisa

Brazil Nuts for Selenium

If you follow me on YouTube you have probably heard me go on about having 2 brazil nuts every single day. The reason is that brazil nuts are the number one source for the super important trace mineral Selenium. Selenium acts like an antioxidant and boosts immunity. Very important to keep healthy.

I soak my nuts overnight to 1. make the minerals, vitamins and enzymes come alive and 2. to remove the nuts “defence” i.e. the phytic acid, making the nutrients in the nut readily available for the body to use.
After I have my nuts soaked overnight I rinse and dry them and they are ready to be eaten. 2 nuts are enough.

Don’t buy Brazil Nuts in bulk as they spoil quite quickly. Stick to small  bags and store in the fridge.

Best Vitamin D Supplement

The best source of Vitamin D that I have come across (from a bottle) is the above Cod Liver oil. Of course sun on your skin is the ultimate way to boost Vitamin D levels. But as many of us live in cold climates the sun is not a reliable source a large part of the year.
A sign of vitamin D deficiency could be frequent colds and infections, feeling low, tiredness and weakness especially when walking up stairs. Researchers estimate that over 50% of the population is deficient in this important vitamin.

Deficiency of Vitamin D is linked to a hold host of serious illness like autoimmune disease, diabetes, heart disease, depression. The list goes on.

Thankfully doctors are now very aware of this and It’s really easy to get a blood test to check for deficiency.
I have been really low in the past and as a contributing consequence got pneumonia 2 years ago. Other members of my family and clients have also tested very low and the supplement that made all the difference was the above cod  liver oil.
I’d like to point out that I do absolutely not work for that company!!!
As you might know I prefer to keep things as veggie as possible and I used a veggie Vitamin D spray for years. So I was beyond shocked when my son and me (at different times) were told we were VERY low in Vitamin D!

We immediately started to take the fermented cod liver oil and a month later (both times) the doctors were AMAZED of how high our levels were and that it was achieved in such a short time. And clients have had the same experience. The good thing with Cod Liver Oil is that it also comes with Vitamin A. A negative is of course the pollution of our seas, and It’s the reason I only take cod liver oil when I really need it and won’t  be seeing the sun any time soon.

The Fermented Cod Liver oil have been in the dog house for awhile in the health community because what is fermented here? the oil? not likely.. BUT I have had such amazing result with this produso I’m looking past all the controversy.

You can get the Fermented Cod Liver Oil from Green Pastures on Amazon and in health foods shops Online.