Floral Street Perfume: Eco Packaging

Floral Street is a new chic british perfume brand. I headed to their flag-ship store in London’s Covent Garden to sniff myself towards a new favorite perfume for spring. Everything from packaging to the shop and everything in-between is beautifully designed and insta-friendly. I normally only write about totally natural, clean products but I want to give this brand a big applause because the packaging is totally eco-friendly! The secondary box holding the perfume bottle is totally biodegradable,  made from recycled paper packaging and held together with a bright coloured band perfect to use as a hair tie! The body products might look like they come in bog standard plastic tubes but the sales person told me they are also biodegradable and are made from sugar! The beauty business have been shockingly slow in coming up with eco-friendly packaging,  so this company gets a big thumbs up!

I liked almost all of the eighth different fragrances, but I liked the Ylang Ylang Espresso a little bit more, so that was the one I bought 🙂
They all come across a bit “What you spray is what you get” if that makes any sense? I didn’t find they developed on the skin as they day passed. This is not a criticism at all just an observation. This is the same feeling I have when I use Byredo’s perfumes and as it turned out the perfumer Jerome Epinette also developed thirteen of Byredo’s scents.

The selfie seating outside. Genius!

XX Lisa


Am I the last person on earth to hear about and try the Invisibobble?? How could I have missed this miraculous hair assessor? I blame it on having boy-children only.
I love to have my hair up in a pony tail IF I have had my roots done fairly recent.
And of course I always have it up when I go training. (Which is happening regularly nowadays :))
What is so different with this gadget in comparison to ordinary hair ties is that it  doesn’t pull on the hair. You won’t get those big indentations in the hair when you let it out, after training for example. This is normally a major issue for me and my fine hair!  But this old-style telephone cable fixed that. I also like that the company was founded by 2 college students and is now massive! Everyone and his aunt have copied their idea, but the plastic in the fakes seem inferior, they don’t stay on as well or they pull to hard. I bought my original Invisibobble at Boots, they were about £5 for 3 ties.

Lip Love

When you are switching to clean green beauty products, start with swapping either your foundation (because it covers a big area) or your lipstick.
Here are 4 reasons why switching to clean lip products is a good idea:
-The skin on your lips is thin and it’s easier for nasties to penetrate
– You probably re-apply during the day so larger quantities of toxins will be absorbed.
– you will inadvertently swallow some of the product as you eat and drink.
– Your kisses won’t come with nasties 🙂

The products in this video:
Ilia Beauty: Lipstick:  In my room
Ilia Beauty: Lipstick: Wild Child
Lippy Girl: P-Bomb
Pacifica: Coconut lip Butter in Shell

My Beauty Routine

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all having a great week! This weeks video is a bit of a rambling beauty routine video. I love beauty products but I want to keep it simple and have as few hard working products as possible. I’m not a beauty hoarder or a collector. My beauty area is in my bathroom very minimalist indeed. As per usual I cleanse with an oil cleanser. This one is from Whamisa a Korean brand that is fairly new to the UK. I also try out the Mother Dirt Moisturizer with mixed feelings. I will do another video about this when I get my hands on that crucial spray that I touch on in this video. Dr Hauschkas Cleansing Cream is my champion product together with Green Peoples Fruitful Night Cream and I love the smell of Therapis rose toner.
Next week I’m recording cooking and fermentation videos and also a quick one about a lipstick. Feeding my inside and outside with clean green stuff 🙂

My facial massage video:


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Giveaway/Review Estelle & Thild Healthy Glow Foundation




To enter the giveaway simply subscribe on my blog and comment below and this little beauty can be yours! I’ll ship it anywhere in the world.

Last day is Friday the 19th January 2018.

When I was is Stockholm over Christmas I bought the above Estelle and Thild Biomineral Healthy Glow Foundation in a medium yellow tone No123. And I love it! Nice colour. Fab effect on my pores. Easy to use. Sold.
Now you can get your hands on it.
Estelle and Thild is a Swedish clean beauty brand that launched a make up line recently. I always stock up on their lotions and potions when I’m in Stockholm, and I was very keen to try the make up. I have seen their beauty products in Selfridges but I think you can only get the make-up  on-line. Net a Porter sell this foundation for £32.


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Video: Off to the Gym!

Hi everyone!
I’m so happy I’ve been able to start exercising again. It’s been 3 years of having a bad knee, where running to the bus resulted in not being able to walk the following day. Physio absolutely helped but I suspect the clincher was the supplement I started to take. So far so good!

The products mentioned in this video:
Orgono Living Silica
Lavera eye brow styling gel Hazel brown
Pacifica Coconut lip Butter Shell


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Clean Beauty X 3

Hi all,
3 Clean green beauty products I adore. 2 from Lavera and 1 from RMS Beauty.
This was not the planned video for this week, but I needed something with very few edit points as my editing software stopped working.
Have a fab evening!

Lavera Eyebrow Styling Gel Hazel Blond
Lavera Liquid eyeliner Black
RMS Beauty Living Luminizer


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Looking after my Teeth Naturally

Hi everyone!
My waterpik is ny number one tool for keeping my teeth clean, I could not live without it!
I also brush my teeth with a small amount of Fluoride-Free toothpaste.
Fluoride can be good for cavities  but it’s truly awful for the body, it’s a  highly toxic substance and should not be anywhere near the mouth and especially not sensitive children.
Non natural toothpaste also contain harmful chemicals like  triclosan and SLS  (sodium Lauryl sulphate).
Healthy teeth are not just about keeping them clean, much more important is a healthy diet – full of life bursting vitamins and minerals and with as little sugar as possible!


You can find my to-go-to mouth wash HERE

This is powerful stuff 🙂


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Get Rid of Verrucas Naturally and Forever

I’m not exactly glamming it up her on the blog today with a super efficient, natural and  kind treatment for VERRUCAS  (fotvårtor in swedish).
Verrucas are not dangerous but bloody annoying and very contagious!
Attack the warts from 2 angles and they will disappear never to be seen again.


Best way to naturally get rid of verruca forever:

Homeopathic remedy for verrucas:
Thuja 30C
Thuja Tincture


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Fresh Coconut Scrub

I love making homemade nut milks but I always feel bad about throwing away the left over pulp.
My solution to this (and to dull skin at the same time) is to make an incredible gorgeous, gentle but effective face scrub with the leftover nut pulp.
This scrub is literally good enough to eat, and so should everything that we put on our largest organ be, as a very large proportion is released into the blood stream.
You only need you nut-pulp any will do, here I’m using coconut, olive oil and some beautiful smelling aromatherapy oil.
Mix it and start scrubbing!



Fresh Nut Scrub:
– 3 tablespoons nut pulp
– 3 tablespoons olive oil
–  a couple of drops of aromatherapy oils


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