Monthly Beauty Buys



This month’s beauty buys is my antidote to all the football, Minecraft and total disgust for the colour pink in my house.
My boys have reached the grand age of 11 and 7 respectively and are so totally boyish it’s ridicules.
For the whole of one week they styled their hair a-la Beckham before going to school, but now they just can’t be bothered at all, so much for future metro-men.
The hand crème from Lavera and the face wash from Melvita both smells beautifully of roses. (My absolute favourite scent!)
I can really recommend the mascara from Organic Glam if you are after super volume, high impact lashes without toxic chemicals.
And the Mermaid shampoo… well I would lie if I said the name and packaging didn’t seduce me (who would not like mermaid hair!) thankfully it’s all natural and smells deliscious, the only flaw is the price at £26 .

This is my anti-aging massage video!

Beauty Buys in August



I managed to pack my own bag, the kids bags and made them dinner in only 20 minutes as we set off to Stockholm this summer.
This is a record for me!
Needless to say there were necessary items that did not come with us, like body wash and shampoo, hence a mad rush for new products as soon as we landed.

I bought Bjork and Berries gorgeously scented Never Spring body wash .
Bjork and Berries describe themselves as an eco luxury beauty brand derived by Swedish nature and traditions.
The body wash contains no sulphates but a “mild preservatives”. You can get this brand in the UK and online.

I also got Estelle and Thilde shampoo and conditioner, another Swedish brand.
I find this shampoo keeps my hair clean for one day longer than other shampoos, it doesn’t lather greatly but certainly cleans well.
The conditioner first feels heavy when you put it in your hand but when you apply it to the hair it sort of disappears and it’s not heavy at all.

I can’t live without lipstick.
If I could only chose one product to use for the rest of my life it would be a lipstick and I’m particularly impressed with Ilia’s lipstick In My Room.
This is a repeat buy for me, I pray it’s never discontinued!
It’s the perfect nude.

I’m all for extra sparkle to my skin when going out and Living Luminizer by RMS does the trick.
It’s really subtle and sheer and very easy to use.
I apply it to my cheeks, bridge of the nose and just above the eye brows.

X Lisa

Video: Homemade Eczema Cream


In this video I’ll show you have to make a really easy cream especially for eczema skin.
Of course no cream is going to remove the eczema, you need to deal with the underlying cause which can be very tricky.

When you take care of the eczema the skin should be kept moisturized and soft so it’s not getting extra itchy and that’s where a good cream is useful.
This simple homemade cream is easy to make and will in the long run be less expensive than lotions buy in the health store.
Also you can tailor the ingredients to suit your personal allergies.

XX Lisa


Video: Switching to Natural Make Up


Making the switch to natural, chemical free Make Up has never been easier with new exciting fashion-led brands.
If you like me want long-lasting make up in beautiful on trend colours, packaged in glamorous environmentally friendly cases your choice have never been greater!
In this video I show you my favourites and below are links of where to get them.

Hope you like it!

Ilia Beauty:

Kjaer Wise:


Organic Glam:


Video: Detox Your Make Up Bag Foundation

Hi, I’m back from Spain where I never were make up just very big sun glasses!
But now I’m super ready for a put together look and especially something that minimize my pores .
I’m always on the look out for non toxic natural make up and in this video I show you my 3 favourite ones.

Living Nature Foundation (pure fawn)

Studio 78 Paris We oxygenize (no1)

Vapour Soft Focus (s100)

XXX Lisa

Non Toxic Sun Protection

Hi there,
I’m in Spain lapping up the sun the safe non-toxic way 🙂
I’m topping up my Vitamin D levels in a big way.
It’s out with bad chemicals and in with sun protection containing Zinc Oxide or Titanium Oxide!

XXX Lisa

Manuka Honey Gel

Manuka honey gel)
How I wish I could visit my 15-year old self and tell her everything I have learnt about acne and have to treat it.
I would have told myself to bin all the harsh chemically laden lotions and instead use a light natural face oil all over the face and neck  and then the amazing Manuka Honey Gel from Living Nature straight on the spots to reduce the inflammation and redness.

(This gel is also excellent for sun burn and shaving burn.)

XX Lisa

Natural Shampoo: Giovanni

Giovanni Shampoo

A very Good Monday Morning!

I’m hellbent on finding a of couple shampoos without SLS, phalates and parabens that I can alternate between without having to come back to the Kerastase shampoo that always delivers, but contains chemicals I try to avoid.

So far I’m VERY impressed with california brand Giovanni.

I have used the 50/50 Balanced Hydrating-Clarifying for normal to dry hair for awhile.

I don’t have dry hair as such, except my ends which are exceedingly dry at the moment, (haircut is way overdue!!) but this one really works for me.

It keeps my hair cleaner for a day longer than most other shampoos (isn’t washing your hair the most tedious thing to do?) and I like the bottle, the eco chic branding and it’s not expensive at £8.00.

XX Lisa