Sticks n’Sushi Chelsea

Yesterday was last day of the Christmas holiday before school and my little foodie wanted to have a slap up Japanese meal. We went down to Kings Road to check out danish/Japanese restaurant Sticks n’Sushi that opened recently.
Scandi blogs and magazines are full of interior shots from this restaurant that is one of 4 in London. Without keeping up to date of what’s going on in Stockholm and I would never have heard about it.

The Interior is Scandi, the food is Japanese. A Fab combo as it happens. I ordered kimchi, a miso soup and a seaweed salad. I loved both the salad and the miso soup. The kimchi was good, but I think I make a nicer one at home. My little companion ordered A LOT from the photo-album menu (so good for a small person or someone not familiar with Japanese foods). Of course he could not eat half of it so I had to help him out, as the helpful mum I am. This happens a lot when we go out to eat..

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