Indie Beauty Expo 2018

Indie Beauty Expo launched in Europe last week with a two day event in London. As a beauty junkie it was of course marked in ink in my calendar.
I tried on so many different lotions and potions that my phone was covered in the stuff, hence the blurry, un-clear pictures.
I came across so many interesting new brands, some that are yet to launch in Europe, and I met so many inspiring founders. Like Ericka Rodriguez founder of sexy vegan lipstick brand Axiology who picked out the colour Joy for me. A new favorite.

French oral care brand Lebon have the most beautiful packaging. They have a rose toothpaste that I have to try.
London brand Verdant Alchemy started trading this year. Their “Yoga” bath salt is divine.

Looking forward to next year, have a feeling it will be even bigger!

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