Duvet Day

The first two days of “The Beast from the East”  was fun. Adults turned into kids with impromptu snowball fights everywhere. Kids running to the park to try out a sledge before the snow melted.
I have not seen snow in London like this since 2008.
But I’m over it now!
My 10 year old’s school shuts at 11.45 today…what’s the point.
We have lit all our candles and are cozying up on the sofa with our duvets. He is nagging me to have Leon’s for lunch but neither of my 2 local ones delivers at the moment??? and I’m not going out today. Love Leon as they have a great gluten- free selection and it’s always fresh and colourful. Having Leon get’s me into holiday mood. It’s our tradition to head straight to Leon after passport control  if we travel from terminal 2 at Heathrow.

I’m also prepping Glögg for tonight. Ie Mulled wine. I make mine the old-fashioned way by blending vodka with spices and sugar and after it’s  infused I blend it with warm wine. Total Christmas vibe!
recipe HERE

Thankfully I only have one  VO-job today and that’s to be recorded in my home studio.

Stay warm, stay safe!


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