Tulsi Tea ~ Queen of Herbs

Happy Friday everyone!
There is still time to enter the Estelle and Thild Healthy Glow Foundation Giveaway below. I will announce the winner here tomorrow.
My phone has decided to give in. The screen is lit up and blinking like a disco. Hence complete radio silence on the social media front from me for a few days.
I was asked on Youtube to explain more about Tulsi Tea and it’s health benefits. Here goes:
Tusli or Holy Basil as it’s sometimes called is a principle herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Made from the leaves and flowers of the holy basil or tulsi plant cultivated in Thailand and India.  I’ve found numerous clinical studies describing the therapeutic benefits it has on our bodies.
To name a few It has been proven to have an effect on type 2 diabetes as well as on immunity and inflammation. Basically you can say it assists with the bodys natural house-keeping.
Tulsi tea is also very good for combating stress and anxiety. Have a cup of freshly brewed tea before you go into that dreaded meeting. Or end the day with a relaxing cuppa.
I have heard the term “liquid Yoga” used to describe tulsi tea. Sums it up perfectly!
This tea is not only good for us, it tastes wonderful as well. You can get it in different flavours, but I prefer the bog-standard version.

Have a wonderful weekend!!



5 thoughts on “Tulsi Tea ~ Queen of Herbs

  1. Gracias Lisa! I really wanted to see what type of tea you used. I thought for a second that perhaps you would use fresh basil. Do you buy your tea at a local store or Amazon? Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend. Saludos

    1. Hi Vero! I’m fortunate to have a fab Whole Foods not to far from my house. Have never tried Amazon-Whole Foods delivery service. But will soon ~) Have a fantastic weekend! X

  2. Hola Lisa. Happy Saturday! It’s so cool you replied. I have a Whole Foods down the street. Going tonight to see if they cary it. I’m so excited. Is it weird to be so happy about tea? May Lindstrom The Honey Mud face mask and tea. What more can a girl ask for on a Saturday night. Saludos.

      1. Yes I do! I have The Honey Mud, The Problem Solver, The Clean Dirt, The Jasmine Garden and The Blue Cocoon. Honestly I am in love with her line. If you ever have room to add an extra skincare items to your routine I would go for May Lindstrom. I rarely add so many items from one brand but the ingredient list is just amazing.


        I ordered the foundation you recommended through NET – A – PORTER in medium yellow. Wish me luck Amiga (friend is Spanish)


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