Looking after my Teeth Naturally

Hi everyone!
My waterpik is ny number one tool for keeping my teeth clean, I could not live without it!
I also brush my teeth with a small amount of Fluoride-Free toothpaste.
Fluoride can be good for cavities  but it’s truly awful for the body, it’s a  highly toxic substance and should not be anywhere near the mouth and especially not sensitive children.
Non natural toothpaste also contain harmful chemicals like  triclosan and SLS  (sodium Lauryl sulphate).
Healthy teeth are not just about keeping them clean, much more important is a healthy diet – full of life bursting vitamins and minerals and with as little sugar as possible!


You can find my to-go-to mouth wash HERE

This is powerful stuff 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Looking after my Teeth Naturally

  1. hello Lisa. Very good idea this video 🙂 …lately ( this year) , I did not get many video/ new posts alerts from wordpresss (though i’ve subscribed to your blog for over a year now …perhaps you’ve been busy ? . I totally agree with the fluoride and the sls and all the nasties we find in the daily stuff such as toothpaste , shower gels etc.
    I was wondering if you could let me know which brand is your waterpick and where to get it online ?( alternatively where you’ve purchased it please ? i am abroad but i can perhaps order it online). I quite like mouthwash and toothpaste with propolis , a sort of powerful resin made by bees , it’s very good for sensitive teeth and gums and it is highly anti bacterial and even repair the gums , and it’s 100% natural ..very powerful when mixed with some essential oils for oral health like the well known tee trea oil for instance. And last but not least , may I compliment you on your hair, this length and cut suit you very well. 🙂 bye now Malen

    1. Hi Malen,
      Thank you so much for your comment!!
      This year HAVE been a bit sporadic but from this week I’m posting once a week!! 🙂
      The waterpik I use is Waterpik waterflosser cordless plus I got it at Boots. Yes I LOVE propolis!! What brand do you use? Llove and light Lisa

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