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The other day I saw a beautifully cut plain cotton t-shirt from a top end british designer (no names, but she don’t use leather) the t-shirt was made from organic cotton Yay!….BUT it’s dry clean only… It’s so irritating!

Of course you can wash it in 30 degrees, but it’s so annoying these people are not fully onboard.
They make the effort producing a t-shirt in organic cotton, but then they slap a dry cleaning label on when it’s not necessary! So no, I didn’t get it.

There are around 80.000 chemicals on the market and  new ones are introduced every year.
Only a small proportion of these have been tested for the long-term effects on our health.
Children are more at risk from these toxins because of rapid cell division when they grow.

One of these hazardous chemicals is perchloro-etylene and this one is introduced to your family when you bring your dry cleaning home.

Actually, to call it dry cleaning is a bit misleading. The process is not really about cleaning but about soaking the garment in a nice little chemical cocktail that draws out stains and make the clothes look nice, but the chemicals are not rinsed away.

Sure, some clothes just can’t be washed in water and the best way to reduce the amount of perchloro-etylene you bring into your house is to remove the plastic covers as soon as you get home and hang the clothes outside for a good old airing. A couple of hours is ideal, but at least until the dry-cleaning smell is gone.

XX Lisa

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