Stress Free Healthy Pancakes for the Weekend

gluten free pancake mix

At the weekends the kids like nothing better than to have what they call a “big breakfast” which always includes pancakes.

I’m more than happy to oblige especially since I met Amy Ruth and bought her amazing baking mix made from quinoa, teff, brown rice, flax and chia.

No gluten or sugar and the pancakes tastes delish!

Sure, I could mix up these ingredients myself and save some dosh, but let’s face it, weekends should be stress free and I was more than happy Ruth had mixed it up for me as I staggered up slightly hungover on Sunday morning!

Both my kids are in school now and I know freshly baked bread and white pasta are staples at lunchtime, especially for my picky 9 year old, so at home I try to avoid wheat and gluten as much as I possibly can in order to keep their diets healthy.

Whisk these ingredienses together for a healthy weekend treat:
I use 1 1/2 cup of Amy Ruth’s healthy baking mix
I tablespoon of Maca Powder (good for libido, PMS and vitality)
For flavour I use: 1/4 teaspoon of raw vanilla, a tiny bit of Stevia for sweetness and a dash of organic cinnamon.
2 eggs (or use egg substitute)
2 cups of organic Rice Milk
3 tablespoons of raw coconut oil (melt and mix with the wet ingredients)

amy ruth's pancake mix

XX Lisa

0 thoughts on “Stress Free Healthy Pancakes for the Weekend

    1. Skeppshult cast iron pan is a must!!
      Can’t imagine cooking in anything else 🙂
      I know Nutella had to pay a lot of money last year for misleading public it was healthy.
      Think Biona does a version that is a bit healthier.

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