I’m an old student!


Well hello there!
Thank you so much for coming back even though there’s been a bit of a radio silence from my end with no new posts for almost 2 weeks.

Have I run out of things to say, you might wonder? Actually It’s the complete opposite…
Have I told you I have started to study Naturopathic Nutrition?

It’s beyond interesting and I’m learning SO much, I feel the more I learn the more I need to know before I write anything. But that’s just silly, I won’t let that stop me I will just add more as I learn more.

Naturopathy is not completely new to me, I have dabbled with in the past with short courses and as a client.
I have always been extremely interested in alternative treatments full stop and with two little boys (one with allergies) It just made sense to go down the nutrition route.

(And yesterday it dawned on me that I will be able to take on clients when I’m done!! A whole new career! I have already designed my future office!)

Feeling excited! 🙂

XX Lisa

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