Review: Savse Smoothies

savse smoothies

There’s been a big media buz about the Savse smoothies from Georgia recently. (PPl lead or PR assault? I don’t know).

The company was started by a mother desperate to get her son to his eat his vegetables.
She came up with some yummy recipes with a mixture of fruit and vegetables where you can’t taste the vegetables at all.

I was very interested to see if this would work on my kids.

They like vegetables but It can be hard to get them to eat their daily requirements, and I have no idea how many veg and fruit portions they get at school.

Anyway, we had a little tasting session:

They liked all three of them, and told me they would be happy to drink them anytime.
My 9-year-old (the beyond picky eater) liked the orange one the most (strawberry, broccoli, celery) his least favorite was the green one.

My 5-year-old is a good eater and is partial to a detox Juice at my local café (Carrot, apple and ginger!) so I know he would not be a problem.
His favorite was the Red juice (beetroot, apple, avocado) and his least favorite was also the green one.

All in all a great result.
Next I got my magnifying glass out.
(Yes I know still no glasses, I have high hopes for the Stella McCartney collection that will be out soon!).

I can report that they do contain vegetables , but not as much as I would have liked.
But I guess you need loads of fruit juice to disguise the veg taste…

Every bottle contains 250 ml and between 5.9 to 8.0 grams of sugar.

The green one contains: 150 ml pear juice, 80 ml broccoli purée, 5 ml kiwi purée, 5 ml lemon juice, 5 ml banana purée, 4 ml kale purée, 1ml kale pulp.

The Red One Contains: 150 ml apple juice, 80 ml beetroot purée, 8 ml lemon juice, 5 ml lime juice, 5 ml mango purée, 1 ml avocado purée, 1 ml red pepper juice.
The Orange one contains: 150 ml orange juice, 80 ml strawberry purée, 5 ml kale, 5 ml spinach juice, 5 ml broccoli purée, 5 ml celery juice.

My kids don’t get fruit juice on a daily basis, unless it’s mixed with “that green gunk”.
I would feel happy to put one of these juices in there lunch boxes if they need them for an excursion in school.
It’s certainly a better option than most other pre maid packed aimed at kids, but I would never rely on just juices for their daily intake of fruit and veg.

Have a great weekend!

X Lisa

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  1. Lisa – you should definitely get a vitamix now that you are drinking veg/fruit mix smoothies – Savse great idea but being not fresh , nutritionally can’t be all that – great for marketing though. You would love the annual Allergy Show at Olympia – next one June I think. I have a free ticket for you. Ax

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