This big dirty un-loved celeriac was the only thing left in the veg box this week.

The last time I had celeriac I was 8 yeras old. I tucked in to what I thought was an elaborate vegetable- on-toast-starter, and puked!
I have not touched it since.
My taste buds are obviously not as sensitive now, so I thought I’d give it another try since I really love its close cousin the celery stick.

Celeriac is also brimming with nutrients and very low in calories!

It’s high in Vitamin K, which is THE talked about vitamin at the moment.
Vitamin K is essential for bone health, it keeps the heart healthy, protects skin and boost memory, and it’s of course needed for coagulation
It’s been reported that the synthetic form of vitamin K can be bad for our health. I guess that’s why health visitors ask parents for  permission before they administrate vitamin K to babies nowadays.

Anyway there’s nothing synthetic about the above celeriac ball.

Vitamin K is fat soluble, so you need dietary fat to be able to absorb the vitamin.

But that’s no problem with the recipe I found for Celeriac Oven Chips!

And since you asked, no I didn’t puke, the chips were surprisingly delicious actually!

1. Peel and cut into chip-size pieces.
2. Blanch the chips in boiling water 1-2 minutes. Drain.
3. Add coconut oil to a large baking tray and spread the chips evenly.
4. Cook for about 45 minutes in a 230C oven.
5. Sprinkle salt, turmeric, and /or curry powder on top

celeriac chips


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