Conquering Fears

Our holiday was not only about relaxing by the pool and chilling in fab restaurants, It was also about conquering deep-seated fears and terrors.
The picture above is me in a complete panic.
I was somehow coaxed into taking a cable car up the spanish mountains!
I could not see exactly how far up the cable car went, but not in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up at the top of the mountain.
I’m not at all scared of flying and I like a roller coaster ride or two, but I find ascending up a mountain beyond scary.
I was extremely close of passing out/throwing myself out of the cable car.
But I closed my eyes and focused on holding my 4 year old’s hand and somehow I made it!

My little one has been terrified of water for a couple of years now, even a bath at home would end in tears if there was too much water. Somehow he conquered his fear with the help of daddy’s patience and a type of gaming system where he went through different levels. Oh yes, there was also a price involved: General Grievous flagship containing one thousand one hundred  and one Lego pieces.
Wich me luck!

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