Flu-like Symptoms When You Start Exercising? This is Why

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Do you get flu-like symptoms when you start exercising after having avoided the gym for a long time?
It’s basically the body trying to eliminate toxins faster than the body can get rid of it.
Excercise is not only about keeping the pounds of and tighten up, it’s crucial for eliminating toxins and keeping healthy.
That’s why I fiercely belive in a bit of exercise, where you actually sweat, at leat 3 times a week, I aim for 5.
(Obviously, if you suspect it could be something more sinister you should check with your doctor).

I had not seen the inside of my gym for quite some time because of the move etc, so I was ready for my  body’s “healing Crisis”.

This is what  I do to help my body eliminate toxins when I start exercising again:

1. I do really gentle exercise the first 5-6 sessions (this is very hard for me, but I try to pace myself)
2. I take extra vitamin C to help the body flush out.
3. I drink loads of water!
4. Take  a few tablespoons of Aloe vera juice or soaked linseeds before bed time, to help bowel movement.
5. I go to bed a bit earlier, well, I try…


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