Take this when you’re on antibiotics


I’m on super strong antibiotics. Bu!
All the stress of the last couple of months have finally taking its toll and I ended up in A&E over the weekend with a ginormous infected cyst.
Pretty it wasn’t!
Antibiotics is of course there to blast away all the nasty bacteria, but nice, friendly bacteria will also perish in this blood bath and this is when the trouble starts.
Yeast overgrowth, lowered immunity and maybe even thrush.
To help my gut I always get probiotic especially made for when you have to take antibiotics.
It’s important not to take the probiotic at the same time as you take the antibiotics, or they would cancel each other out. Wait around 2 hours and just alternate them.

I always take my antibiotics with food or I might start feeling sick shortly afterwards, but I have to say taking probiotics really helps.
I also try to eat really healthy with a lot of greens and no sugar.
When the course is over I will continue with the probiotics, have loads of Vitamn C and garlic and also do a little de-tox, to really flush out and clean up. (maybe even a colonic, even though I hate it) 🙂


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