Healthy Teas

Tea List:

* Matcha tea
* Genmaicha
* Tulsi tea
* Ginseng
* Pau D’arco tea
* Yogi tea : Licorice egyptian spice, Sweet Chili, Rose
* Tea pigs: Liquorice and peppermint, Rooibos- Honey Bush
* Star Child: Aphrodites Cup
* Pukka: Cleanse, Detox
For sweetnes: Stevia white powder and Stevia green powder from a herbalist.


One thought on “Healthy Teas

  1. Hey, Mr Tea here!! Awsome post, I have just started a tea blog
    called Lovely Tea Teas, would you mind if I link to this post?
    I have already shared on my Facebook. I will make sure I post a link back to you!


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