The Best Flooring in London

At the moment I’m completely obsessed with flooring.
We live in a 1850’s house in London with original floorboards, ie floorboards with gaps in them, and I have 2 Lego crazy boys. I guess you understand my problem.
It’s especially when the tiny Life Sabres from Star Wars slip through the floorboards that the loudest screams can be heard.
How to get them up?
Take a long wooden skewer, put some double-sided tape at the end and get the strongest torch you can find. Even my 8 year-old know how to do this now (I’m so proud).

The flooring I’m completely fixated on right now are the following:

1. Dinesen Douglas Planks as seen at The Saatchi Gallery in London. They are up to 12 meters long and 45cm wide!

Saatchi Gallery

2. The clever use of marble AND carpet in the newly refurbished Prada store on Bond street. Don’t know if you can see where the carpet turns into marble, used my battered Iphone to take the picture.

Flooring at Prada Bond street London

3. The amazing use of different coloured carrera Marble at the Womens Designer Galleries at Selfridges, London.
Forget Celine and Haider Ackermann. I came here to gawk at the floor.

Carrera marble at Womens Designer Galleries Selfridges

marble Floor selfridges


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  1. I used Walking on Wood for our floors – they are more than I had hoped for. Beautiful, beautiful hand crafted chevron parquet. You will have to come and have a look and a tea once the whole flat is finished. Hope you’re well. xx

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