Coffee Detox

Coffee lisa gusto

It’s really hard for me to look at this picture, I’m on a coffee detox.
I can’t tell you how much I love coffee, It makes me so happy, but I have gone without for 12 days now.

I love it, but I’m also severely addicted. I only have one or two cups a day, preferably from Starbucks, but breaking this addiction is hard!

The reason for giving up is because I’m planning on a gentle liver detox in the near future, and also because I think it’s healthy, on many levels, to break habits, It gets you in tune with your body.

Before I had kids I used to stop the coffee a couple of times a year, but because I do get completely incapacitated with horrible headaches and tiredness when giving up, that has not been an option, but now they are 8 and 4 I can just about cope… I’ll put a DVD on and doze off on the sofa..

This is how I come off coffee:

Day 1. I halv my coffee intake, if I normally have grande lattes I go for tall ones.
Day 2. Same as above
Day 3. Stock up on Neurofen plus!! I get decaf lattes and get ready for a severe headache/tiredness in the afternoon.
Day 4. No coffee whats so ever. Herbal teas with Stevia helps, Go to bed..
Day 5. Waking up feeling much lighter!

I’ve been off coffee for 12 days now, so I have thoroughly broken the chemical addiction, which feels really good.
Don’t worry, I love coffee way to much to abandon it completely, but one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s so much easier to wake up in the mornings.


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2 thoughts on “Coffee Detox

  1. Oh No! I can’t stop drinking coffee. You are making me feel so guilty…Coffee is the one thing I simply can’t give up. How can you be so reasonable?

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