Medical Cabinet Essential: Sick Sac

Sick bag

Hello again!
Sorry for the absence, but the whole family has been down with the stomach virus.
It’s taken almost two weeks for everyone to be up and running again, and of course the washing machine decided to pack it in! (Thanks’ a lot pal! I know I work you 24/7 but chose your moments please!)

I would not have coped with this double whammy if it was not for the attraption in the picture above.
Low on glam-points, but a high scorer on practicality!
Let me introduce you to the Sick Sac.
The first time I came across the Sick Sac was when the little man had a nasty fall and ended up in hospital with a concussion this Christmas in Stockholm. He was vomiting a lot poor thing, and I could not belive how hygienic this little bag was.

Swedish hospitals are very clean, you can lick the floor, I have never heard of MSRA effecting anybody, let alone patients getting nibbled on by rats!
Anyway, after a brain-scan the little man was allowed home and the staff gave me these to take home.

After the four of us had the stomach bug I’m now running out, and I’m desperate to stock up on more.
The Sick Sac is an absolute essential in my medical cabinet now, It’s very hygienic, easy to use for the kids and the amount of scrubbing and washing during sickness was minimal this time around.
I have found a site in Sweden that sells them to private costumers HERE.
(They are made by a company called Mediplast)

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