Anti-Wrinkle Silk Pillowcase

I just got back from my Natural Skincare Course, I have learnt so much about skincare and how to achieve perfect, glowing, healthy skin from the inside and out.
I’ve got lots of ideas for future posts (stay tuned)!
On the subject of beauty and skincare, the above beautifully made pillowcase turned up on my doorstep on Thursday morning.
It’s an anti-wrinkle silk pillowcase.
Apart from cleaning and moisturizing your skin at night, another thing you can do to really look after your skin, is to sleep on a pillow covered in silk.
Sounds like pure luxury, and it is!
I have used it for a couple of days now and I love it.
Unfortunately so do the kids…
Why is it better for your visage than a normal pillowcase?  Well, the pure silk won’t pull or crease sensitive skin, hence you won’t wake up with marks in your face.
The pillowcase has a really snug fit, so it also looks great as well, and there was an extra unexpected bonus for me: my hair was almost nice in the morning, there was no frizz at all!
This pillowcase is by Charlotte & Co and you can buy it HERE. The owner of the company Charlotte Semler knows a thing or two about creating stuff that women want, before staring Charlotte & Co, she was the co-founder of lingerie company Myla.


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