Snapshots: Stockholm

Fjaderholmarna Krog
Fjaderholmarna krog

Stockholm is truly spectacular in summer.
Where else can you catch a boat in the middle of the city and after 20 minutes find yourself on a magical island in the archipelago.
After some exploring you can chill out in this excellent restaurant. Lunch or dinner here is highly recommended
{Fjardrholmarnas krog}

Fjaderholmarnas restaurant
Fjaderholmarnas krog


Shrimp salad
Another day another Shrimp Salad

I had A LOT of shrimp salads this week, the best one at Zink Grill a super nice, laid back, trendy french style restaurant 2 min walk from our hotel.
Don’t let the decor fool you, it looks way to much like a Cafe Rouge chock horror, but the food is beyond nice and clientele is very amusing.

We also indulged in Prinsess Tårta, the best cake in the whole wide world.
No self-respecting  swedish café is without this green Blumenthal-esque delight.

Prinsess Cake
Prinsess Cake 

We spent a lot of our time in Stockholm on roller coasters.
Gröna Lund is the amusement park a mere 10 min walk from the city center.
Me and the Mr also checked out, or checked in to the fairly new Hotel Nobis (Next door to Acne!!), will post a video review soon.

Nobis Hotel Stockholm
Nobis Hotel

A visit to Stockholm would not be the same without raiding  Acne, came back with among other things the perfect silky bomber jacket that I’m not taking off, ever!

…and of course I had to get a couple of bottles of  Pure Pine Tree extract.
The essence of Sweden!

Pine Tree Drink
Pine Tree Drink

♥ Lisa


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