3 X Pink Drinks

Rose water
Rose Water

I rely on a 3 Pink Drinks to keep me calm, relaxed and stress free.
The first is my evening  Rose Water drink. I wish I could send you a sniff through the cloud, the smell is  beyond delicious!
The gorgeous rose petals banish depression and relaxes you.
I take this at night, sometimes with a small piece of dark chocolate.
I add two teaspoons of a good quality Rose Water to a small glass of hot water.

The next pink drink is my Sole,the liquid sunshine.
A teaspoon  in a glass of water cleanses and replenish in the morning.
Find out how to make Sole here.

And the third pink drink is a special occasion drink, a glass of Champagne with a delicious Hibiscus Flower as garnish.
Hibiscus tea was a favorite of Egyptian Pharaohs, It helps reduce inflammation and is an excellent source of vitamin C.
Put the hibiscus flower in a champagne glass add a teaspoon of the syrup and top up with bubbly, the bubbles make the flower opens up.
Instant party!


Champagne with  Hibiscous Flower.

♥ L

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    1. Thanks! You get used to the taste after errr a week or so. I’m on the liquid propolis at the moment to banish an infection, now that is truly awful. X

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