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It’s obviously illegal to slave away in the kitchen when temperatures rise to 26°. So absolutely no baking this easter, instead we feast on these incredible amazing gluten & dairy free cakes from Sugargrain.
All of their cakes are completely gluten-free and a few of them are also dairy and sugar-free. Grains, seeds & nuts replace wheat and rapeseed, sunflower and coconut oils replace butter. I went for the dairy free cakes since 7-year old is intolerant. Chocolate Stem Ginger Cake (filled with dark dairy free chocolate) & Spiced Ginger Cake(grated carrot, fresh banana and coconut and shortlisted for The Free From Food Awards 2011). Both incredibly moist and delish. Handmade with love, you can tell.


..have been on the look out for a new fabulous organic shampoo since my hair stopped loving Kerastase. I have a lot of  super thin hair  and  find it really hard to find shampoo’s that  work. Have used Rahua shampoo for a while now and it’s  bloody brilliant! It gives body and lift, it smells lovely and luxurious .

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