Hotel Video Review: W London Leicester Square

My parents came to visit and before they even put their bags down we were out of the door for an amazing 24 hours without the kids.
We checked in at the spanking new W hotel in Leicester Square, perfect for pretending we are still young, free if not completely single.
Upon entering the hotel you immediately get the feeling you’ve arrived at party central. Mirrorballs everywhere, friendly staff, large comfy bar area, already heaving at 6pm.

The über cool gym that we needless to say did not bother to use.

Our room. Very Barbarella meets A Space odyssey. We tried out the Whatever/Whenever button (a zero) and it did not disappoint. A table at a notoriously hard to get in to restaurant materialised within 45 min!
Also very impressed with the munchies box, check the video.

I loved the vanity unit/office in the middle of the room. Mr M could not get over the hairdresser look of it all. He frequents only the best salons. Breakfast is not included we dabbled instead in some austerity chic, ie I sent Mr M out for Starbucks cappuccino and Pret porridge, which also meant I did not have to get out of bed until 11.45.

Here is a video of our room:

♥ L

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