Friday freedom

I recently found myself doing things I’ve not done since September 2003, like going to the bathroom alone, visiting Portobello Market early Friday morning, having a long sunny lazy breakfast by myself and reading books. My kids are now 7 & 3 and my life is slowly getting back to what it used to be. Just having the 3-year-old mini man in nursery for a measly 3 hours does a hell of a difference to ones sanity.

Portobello Market


Well, hello there.

Portobello Market is lovely, but it’s certainly not what it used to be many years ago.
The vintage selection is a bit more err, limited. Maybe I’m getting old but Kate Moss for Topshop is not vintage in my book.
The vegetables are still good though.
So apart from fresh spring greens and fish I left empty-handed.

Portobello has moved on I wish it hadn’t.

Breakfast at 202

Walked briskly to another old haunt of mine BK (before kids) Nicole Farhis restaurant 202 and had a healthy prosciutto omelette.
Same head waiter as last time I was here, must be a good place to work. Super helpful staff, and if you are mega nosey like me, fabulous conversations to eavesdrop on. People on Westbourne Grove have interesting lives…

Spring has sprung


Can’t put down books

Haven’t blogged for a long time.Can only blame my new found freedom and the above books. The award winning crime novels by journalist Stieg Larsson.
I’m possibly the last swede reading these . Can’t put them down, they are Sooo good!
There’s a tiny bit of  Lisbeth Salander in me for sure,(sadly, not the computer skills)  and having grown up in Sweden I feel a real connection with her rebelliousness.  A lot of Big brother stuff going on over there, you need to kick back.
Sure, I can be more than a little jealous of basically free childcare and low house prices in Sweden (in comparison to London that is).
Sweden is a bit like utopia if you squint hard and don’t mind snow.
You need to squint extra hard after reading these books.


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