Natural cold & flu remedies


With such a long and cold winter there has been a lot of colds and flues around. Feels like the kids have coughed themselves through January and February.
I lost my voice for a couple of days last week which was especially frustrating when trying to get the boys to school & nursery in the morning, but I bet the neighbours were more than pleased to have a sleep in…
This video is about the natural home remedies I use when we got a cold a flu.

Here is a list of the products I use and liks to find out more.

Book: Your healthy child with homeopathy by Tricia Allen.

Homeopathy remedies: Ainsworth.

Chest stick: Pittapatta.

Lollipops with propolis and manuka honey: Comvita.

Throat spray with Elderberry: Nature’s Plus.

Thyme & sage, organic if possible.

Himalayan Rock salt for making sole to gargle in.

Video how to make sole.

♥ Lisa

3 thoughts on “Natural cold & flu remedies

  1. Just found your blog, it is great 🙂

    Thanks for this fab video, I have been meaning to look into some more home remedies. I always have the honey to hand! x

  2. Thank you so much for visiting!
    Will do a lot more natural remedies vids.
    Really enjoyed your 30’s house wife videos. Will ry not to moan to much when loading dishwasher tonight!

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